RRCRC Seniors AI Art Collective -Elder Fairy Tales Project

Luc Lalande
3 min readFeb 27, 2024
Bing generated image — Prompt: “a photorealistic image, mid shot, of an elderly Hansel and elderly Gretel, Astonished at the site of the old witch’s gravestone.”

Project Plan

(1) Use various AI text-to-image generation tools for reimagining classic fairy tales such as Hansel and Gretel, Cinderella and Jack and the Beanstalk, among others. The principal idea is that the generated AI images will inspire new story lines, plot twists and other unexpected adventures.

(2) The RRCRC Seniors AI Art collective will be encouraged to imagine new scenes, new or altered characters and other elements of storytelling. At the same time, the seniors group will collectively recall from memory key elements of classic fairy tales. Prompts will then be derived from the group conversation and applied for AI-enabled text-to-image generation.

(3) A physical storyboard will then be constructed following the selection of the “best” images for a given fairy tale. Below are images generated for a reimagined version of the classic tale of Hansel and Gretel. In our “Elder Fairy Tale” project, Hansel and Gretel are now reimagined as seniors who decide to revisit the wicked witch’s house they first encountered following their abandonment in the dark forest by their father and stepmother.

(4) Our group was recently introduced to a new tool called Reading Club AI and we are experimenting with it as a AI-augmented storytelling assistant. The results of our “experiments” are shown below the AI generated images.

Augmented Storytelling Using Reading Club AI

The text in blue brackets is AI generated following the initial storytelling “prompts”. The seniors collective were introduced to the Reading Club AI tool and we are having fun reimagining new story lines!

Paragraph 1 — Hansel and Gretel: 75 Years Later
Paragraph 2 — Hansel and Gretel: 75 Years Later
Paragraph 3 — Hansel and Gretel: 75 Years Later
Paragraph 4 — Hansel and Gretel: 75 Years Later



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