Microgrants and New Models of Civic Philanthropy and Engagement

{this is a draft post in progress so pardon the lack of coherence :-)

A few ideas collided last night: the importance of small grants (Soup Ottawa, Awesome Foundation and Just Change); an event I had hoped to attend entitled “What’s New in Philanthropy? Giving Circles, Social Investment and Engaged Millenials” and projects at uOttawa where I am keen to establish a “patronage” model of supporting worthy projects, talented students and new ventures.

Civic innovations that matter are often highly “micro” in nature. These micro-interventions are led by engaged citizens who have first hand knowledge of problems in their milieu and willing to expend resources, time and effort to address them. The emergence of citizen-led micro-donation programs such as Soup Ottawa, Awesome Foundation Ottawa and Just Change represents this new wave of civic innovation and patronage.

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11th Soup Ottawa Event Feb 1,2016 - photo credit Mitchell Kutney

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