In the Digital Age, it’s Anything but Business as Usual

October 22, 2015 (5:00–7:00PM), University of Ottawa

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Thursday, October 22 (5:00pm networking; 5:30–6:30 fireside chat; 6:30 networking) — Desmarais Building, Room 4101, University of Ottawa

The University of Ottawa Entrepreneurship Hub, The Entrepreneurs’ Club and the Telfer Marketing Association are pleased to host a thought-provoking session with thought leaders at Stratford Management on the topic of organizational digital transformation.

Led by Telfer students Diana Kolesarova (President of The Entrepreneurs’ Club) and Tarek Mansour (President of the Telfer Marketing Association), this fireside chat style interview with digital transformation experts at Stratford Managers will be of interest to both students and professionals keen on understanding the impact of the digital revolution on the way business is conducted, and more specifically, how digital technology is transforming the customer experience. Network with digital marketing professionals, business leaders, talented students and make lasting connections.

There is no charge for this event. Twitter event hashtag: #uodt


Isabelle Perreault, Vice President, Digital Transformation, Stratford Managers Corporation — follow @stratfordmgrsDT on Twitter

Post by Isabelle: Are you harnessing the power of every customer touch point?

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Isabelle Perreault @IsaPerreault1

David Randall, Vice President, Consulting at Stratford Managers Corporation — follow Dave on Twitter

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Dave Randall @DavidSRandall

Thought Leadership on Digital Transformation

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Keynote session recorded at Oracle OpenWorld 2014, Dr. Didier Bonnet, Capgemini Consulting’s global head of digital transformation and coauthor (with MIT’s George Westerman and Andrew McAfee) of the upcoming book “Leading Digital,” highlights how large companies in traditional industries — from finance to manufacturing to pharmaceuticals — are using digital to gain strategic advantage.

“The biggest mistake we see is people using technology as a substitute for an existing process rather than really transforming your process through the power that this technology has … “ — Dr. Didier Bonnet, Capgemini

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An all-star panel discusses digital transformation at Intel, Zipcar — and beyond. Panelists include Kim Stevenson (Intel Corporation), Mark Norman (Zipcar), Didier Bonnet (Capgemini Consulting), Andrew McAfee (MIT Center for Digital Business)

Kim Stevenson, Chief Information Officer, Intel notes four fundamental technologies that will transform the enterprise in the future:

  • cloud computing
  • ultra-mobile computing
  • social
  • advanced data analytics

Suggested Educational Resources:

Quora — Digital Transformation

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Aletheia Guild

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